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Sheler's Outboard Boat Price Pilot

Sheler's Outboard Motor Price Pilot

Sheler Publishing Co., Inc.

133 East Mishawaka Ave.

Mishawaka, Indiana

The Sheler Publishing Company issued annual editions of a compendium of "Red Book Appraisals" with model information and list prices on both outboard boats and outboard motors. These "Price Pilots" contained model and list price information from a wide variety of boat and outboard manufacturers. Each annual edition contained information on a number of years prior to the year of issue. These publications were marketed to outboard motor and boat dealers, financial and insurance institutions in order to help them determine trade-in and resale values, loan values, or insurance premiums.

A similar publication was offered by ABOS Publishing, Book Book Trade-In Guides for outboard and inboard boats, outboard motors, boat and travel trailers. ABOS Publising eventually acquired the rights to the Sheler's Price Pilots and incorporation this information in their own publications.

1960 Outboard Boat Price Pilot

The following is a list of the manufacturers covered in this reference:

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