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Arkansas Traveler Boats

Southwest Mfg. Co.

2001 E. 14th St.

Little Rock, Arkansas

The trademark for Arkansas Traveler boats was applied for August 1, 1947 by Fred A. Venner, President of Southwest Mfg. Co. The first use of the Arkansas Traveler trademark in the context of small outboard boats is listed as October 1946. The Chicago Tribune on February 1, 1952 announced the introduction at the Chicago Boat Show of a fiberglass 12 ft, 60 lb., "Small Fry" model among the 11 models offered by Arkansas Traveler. Southwest Mfg. Co. eventually became a subsidiary of the Standard Railway Equipment Mfg. Co. of Chicago, Illinois. This company was later abbreviated to Stanray Corp. Fred Venner was president and general manager of Arkansas Traveler up through 1959. In the preceding year, 1958, Traveler produced 14,000 boats (May 14, 1959 Wall Street Journal). That year, the parent company Standard Railway Equipment, formed a boat division at its Lachine, Quebec plant to assemble and warehouse boats. Eventually the boats were simply known as "Traveler Boats" and the company as Traveler Mfg. Co. The company also had operations at Adams, Wisconsin.

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