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Johnson Motors

Division of Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC)

Waukegan, Illinois

Johnson Motors, along with Evinrude and Gale, was one of three divisions of Outboard, Marine & Manufacturing Company (OMC). They were located at 200 Pershing Rd., Waukegan, Illinois. Another manufacturing facility was located in Peterborough, Canada. A detailed history of the early years of Johnson Motors can be found in the book "The Four Men from Terre Haute" by John M. Van Vleet.

While the Gale and Evinrude divisions of OMC used Brooks Stevens extensively to design their series of outboard motors, Johnson contracted with Dave Chapman, Inc. of Chicago, Illinois. Johnson's advertising agency was J. Walter Thompson (The American Design Adventure: 1940-1975, Arthur J. Pulos, 1988). Duke University holds a file on advertising for Johnson outboard motors from 1956 to 1982.

Johnson's dealer newsletter was entitled "Sea-Horse Surf" and contained news about production, particulars about products and advertising, and other special information for dealer.

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