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Evinrude Motors Division

Outboard Marine Corp.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

As part of efforts to promote the purchase of outboard motors, Evinrude published several "How To" guides on topics including waterskiing and outboard cruising.

Like many other outboard motor manufacturers, Evinrude periodically issued service bulletins as a supplement to their comprehensive service manuals. Bulletins often contained notices of changes in part availability or design, specific design flaws, or special detailed service information not contained elsewhere.

For the line of Evinrude fiberglass boats made by Outboard Marine Corp. in the 1960's see the OMC Boats page. Evinrude also commissioned a series of "concept" boats similar to in principle to the concept automobiles shown by the major automobile manufacturers. A listing of the concept boats by year is as follows:

1956 - Evinrude Lark
1957 - Evinrude Fisherman (Fishin' Saucer)
1958 - Evinrude Station Wagon
1959 - Evinrude Housefloat
1960 - Evinrude Jetstream
1961 - Evinrude Heli-Bout

Brooks Stevens designed the 1956 to 1961 series of concept boats as well as many of the motor covers for the 1956 though 1961 Evinrude and Gale outboard motors. William B. Leutner Jr. of Wisconsin Display Studios of Milwaukee, Wisconsin built the 1957 Evinrude Fisherman and an earlier 1955 display for Evinrude (Jan 10, 1955 & Oct. 11, 1957 Milwaukee Sentinel). The annual issue of concept boats ended in 1962 when the line of OMC Boats were introduced at the New York National Motor Boat Show. The later OMC Boats were built by OMC's Special Products Division, first managed by Harris O. Ewald (Jan 21, 1960 New York Times). Eldon Robbins was ad manager for Evinrude and worked with ad agency Cramer-Krasselt of Milwaukee to promote these products (The Tide, 1957).

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