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Trailorboat Engineering Co.

923 Francisco Blvd.

San Rafael, California

History Submitted by the Lenci family

Trailorboat Engineering Company, Inc. was started in San Rafael, California in 1947 by Victor Lenci, Ray Lenci and Ralph Cain. They made aluminum boats. The boat company started making an aluminum craft with a single detachable wheel fixed to the bottom. The wheel made the boat a self contained trailer. Thus the name, "Trailorboat". See below for the original patent on this invention.

In the late 50's Trailorboat started making fiberglass boats. Trailorboat eventually made a full-range of craft including fishing boats, runabouts, ski boats, race boats, sail boats, jet boats, fire boats and for a few years they made the camper/boat combo. They also made some boats for Montgomery Wards. In 1965 they sold the fiberglass company to Dorsett and in 1977 they sold the aluminum company. The new owner of the aluminum company changed the name of the company to Klamath after their most popular model. The aluminum company has sold several times over the years but it's still in business (

Between 1961 and 1963, Trailorboat made a small camping trailer with matching boat that could be stored on top of the trailer. This unique camping trailer has gained popularity such that a trailer owner's group has formed ( and reproduction trailers have been made.

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