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The Cloud Line Boats

Marine Fiberglass Products

Silverlining, Inc.

2188 Harbor Blvd.

Costa Mesa, California

Very little is known about this company other than the below 1958 Los Angeles Times ad and trade-in model information. Marine Fiberglass Products is likely a subunit of Silverlining, Inc., of Costa Mesa which had a boat showroom at 2188 Harbor Blvd according to a 1958 article in Westways magazine.

A trademark was filed Oct. 19, 1959 for Silverlining catamaran boats by Silverlining, Inc. of 2537 Greenbriar Lane, Costa Mesa, California. The trademark application listed first use to be April 21, 1958. The trademark was granted June 14, 1960. The first use listed here post-dates the appearance of the Marine Fiberglass Products ad shown below.

Model Information

1958 Information

Cloud Line Boats in Use

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