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Glass Magic Boats

Marine Plastics, Inc.

2751 Ludelle St.

Fort Worth, Texas

Bill Raschke joined Lone Star Boats in about 1952 to oversee their fiberglass boat building operation. He left after a year or so to start Glass Magic Boats. After Raschke left Lone Star, they hired Bob Hammond to replace him. He famously went on to design the Lone Star Meteor and found Glastron Boats. Bill Raschke continued on from Glass Magic to run Swank Craft Boat Co. in Three Rivers, Texas from about 1959 to 1962, then TemCraft Boats in 1962, also located in Three Rivers. Sometime in there he also designed boats for the Invader Boat Company of Giddings, Texas (Denison Press, October 30, 1959).

From 1956 thru 1962?  they began with 3 basic hulls and included optional decks and interiors to produce 7 models from 14' to 17'.  In the following years the company grew with the industry and expanded it's line of boats. By 1960 this line included a 17' and 19' cabin cruiser. About 1959 they opened a plant in Elkhart, Indiana and it appears that about 1960 they contracted with Duratech Mfg. Corp., Pleasantville, NY to produce and distribute some of their boats in the Northeast.  At some point the company name was changed to Glass Magic Corp. After 1962 I can't find any more information on this company. 

In 1960, Glass Magic Boats, Inc.'s executive vice-president was H.L. (Skip) Cain Jr.

The above information was gathered through several resources and is to the best of my knowledge accurate. If anyone has further information on this company's history please contact me. A special thanks to all the Fiberglassics members, without their help a great deal of this information would not be available.

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