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Classic American built Blue Star Boats ~built between 1950 to around 1964 ~ which some believe was the "Glory Years" of the small pleasure craft builders ~ wood, fiberglass and aluminum. Blue Star Boat are still around and coming back strong 50 years later.

Blue Star Boats

Blue Manufacturing Co., Inc.

2221 North Main

Miami, Oklahoma

Blue Star moved operations from Goddard, Kansas to Miami, Oklahoma in 1953 (see 1953 article below). At the time, the company employed twenty-six people and produced approximately 1000 boats per year. Both 12 and 14 foot models were produced. Max Blue, founder of the company, began building boats in 1946 out of his garage, then moved to a leased space for large scale-production.

In February 1958, a Blue Star Flightliner left Miami, Oklahoma and arrived about three weeks later in Miami, Florida. For the 2500-mile trip, the boat was powered with two Gale 35 HP outboard motors. See the May 1958 article from Boats magazine below.

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For more information, see this website: Vintage Blue Star Boat Club

Blue Star Boats in Use

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