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ABOS Publishing started with Clarence Bugg in Mishawauka, Indiana. The first Outboard Dealer Trade-In Guide Blue Book was published in 1948 with 700 copies sold. The next year saw 2000 copies sold.

From 1958 on, Outdoors, Inc / the Marine Division of ABOS Publishing produced "Trade-In Guide Blue Books" for boats, boat trailers, and outboard motors. These pocket-sized guides make useful references for model information, company information, and dealer pricing information. Information gleaned from these references have been collated with the individual manufacturer pages here in the Classic Boat Library. For best understanding of the information contained within the pages of the Blue Books, be sure to consult the "Instructions" page of the 1960 Blue Book below.

A similar, though competing publication, "Sheler's Outboard Boat Price Pilot - Red Book Appraisals" was published concurrently with the Blue Book until being acquired and incorporated into the Blue Book publication. This occurred sometime between 1963 and 1968.

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1960 Blue Book

1966 Blue Book

The following is a list of the manufacturers covered in the 1960 edition:

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