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Dawes Products

1265-1295 Old Country Rd.

Belmont, California

Also found listed as F. V. Frank Distributing Co. of Oakland, California.

This company made fiberglass-covered plywood boats and all fiberglass boats. In March 1960, Mr. Dawes rented a former winery on Mountain View-Stevens Creek Road, Los Altos, California from a Lecroye Silvey. The city sued Mr. Silvey for violating the city zoning ordinance restricting the property to residential use though it had previously been used for bottling wine and other manufacturing. In the court proceedings, Mr. Dawes stated about 4 workers were continuously employed and ten boats and thirty trailers were made in one year (City of Los Altos v. Silvey, 206 Cal.App.2d 606 (1962), 24 Cal. Rptr. 200).

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