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Ladd-Built Boats

1514 E. Scotts Ave.

Stockton, California

This company sold both completed boats and boat kits. Also found listed as Western Ladd Boat Works. This company was around since at least 1949 when it was mentioned in a Weldwood plywood advertisement in January 1949 Motor Boating magazine.

According to a May 1954 article in Motor Boating magazine, Eastern Ladd Boats, Inc. was formed in 1954 at 500 Rushmore Ave., Mamaroneck, New York. This company was directed with manufacture and distribution east of the Mississippi. N.Y. McConnell Marine Enterprises of Los Altos, California was exclusive distributor west of the Mississippi. Officers of Eastern Ladd Boats included George Tondorf, VP and Robert Womrath as secretary-treasurer.

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