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The following is a list of manufacturers of boat kits. Click on the brand to be redirected to an individual page for each brand.

Many firms offered pre-packaged, partially-assembled, or pre-cut pieces in kit-form for assembling a boat at home. Established manufacturers of completed boats sold boat kits in order to cater to DIY or low-budget buyers; many small, home-based businesses or those in other industries offered boat kits as a way to develop a reputation and customer base. Oftentimes sellers of boat-kits also offered assembled boats (though at a higher price).

Boat kits were an inexpensive opportunity for prospective boat-owners. Labor, shipping, and dealer mark-up costs could often be saved when buying a boat kit versus a complete boat. When finished and paired with a new discount-brand or used outboard motor, assembled boat kits could provide families with many hours of summer fun.

The March 6, 1955 Miami News lists a number of boat kit manufacturers including Chris Craft, U-Mak-It, US Molded Shapes, Sears, Roebuck & Co., Ozarka, Custom Craft, Perma-Craft, and Champion Boats.

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