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Valco Boats

Division of Valley Aluminum Co.

5733 E. Shields Ave.

Fresno, California

In 1957, George Gregory was vice-president and general manager of Valley Aluminum (see 1957 article below). This may be the George W. Gregory who founded Gregor Boats in 1964 and is still in business and producing welded aluminum boats. Valco began boat production with riveted aluminum boats.

For the 1961 Chicago Boat Show, Valco showed a welded aluminum catamaran (see photo below). A prototype in 1961, it originated with Kaiser Aluminum's Department of Industrial Design who conceived and designed the boat along with the McKenzie Boat Co. KX-919-1, an all-aluminum sterndrive prototype boat. Carl W. Leveau was Kaiser's marine industry sales manager at the time and responsible for the display at the Chicago Boat Show. The catamaran was tested at speeds over 50 mph. It had a 8-ft beam, 32" freeboard, and 21" transom height. It reportedly was considered for production because of a positive reception at the show (May 1961 Modern Metals magazine).

Valco also produced jet-propelled fireboats with one in service with the Monterey, California Fire Department starting in 1962. Rudder magazine detailed the Valco fireboats in the January 1964 issue. The magazine reported the Valco Boat was powered with a 215 HP Interceptor engine with a fire pump mounted ahead of the engine, the propulsion jet pump behind the engine. The boat could pump water to put out fires and move as needed. This allowed the boat to maintain position. Buehler Turbocraft advertised a similar fireboat.

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