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Airboats, Inc.

3323 N. Florissant

St. Louis, Missouri

This company marketed the "Airboy Outboard", a clamp-on air-boat propeller unit in 2 and 5 HP models that allows the owner to convert small boats to an airboat. These motor units have a reputation for being extremely loud and not especially powerful. In addition to these motors, Airboats Inc. produced a line of Airboy aluminum boats complete with more powerful air drive units.

In the 1963 Outboard Boat Trade-In Guide listing for Airboy Boats, the address for Airboats, Inc. is given as Denver, Colorado. The 1963 Guide also notes that Universal Aircraft Industries recently purchased Airboats, Inc.

A similar type of unit was offered by Robertson-Hedges Inc. and were known as Dragonfly air drive outboard motors. Dragonflies came in three models (Feb. 5, 1960 Chicago Tribune).

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