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Adirondack Guide Boats

Allock Mfg. Company

Ossining, New York

The Adirondack guide boat is a versatile double-ended craft designed for fishing, hunting, or otherwise navigating waterways where frequent portaging was necessary. A great wood boat-building tradition in the Adirondack region, this style of boat was eventually made in fiberglass by Fox Brandreth Conner's Allcock Manufacturing Company, maker of Hav-A-Heart traps. Thomas Bissell acquired the boat-building business from Conner and made them for a few more years through his Bissell Manufacturing Company (Jan 29, 2010, Adirondack Almanack). Besides the traditional double-ended 15'10" Swallow, and 13' Wren rowing models, Allcock offered the square-stern 13'6" Hawk model for use with outboard motors (Jan. 15, 1961 New York Times).

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Adirondack Guide Boats in Use

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