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Ski Barge Boats

Kenner Boat Company

Knoxville, Arkansas

Also found listed as Ken Craft Boat Company. This company began by building small wooden boats and graduated to fiberglass Ken Craft boats in the 1950s. They later introduced Ski Barge boats as they expanded their product line. Please see the following link for additional history:

Additional History

History by Andreas Jordahl Rhude

Kenner Boat Company of Knoxville, Arkansas began in 1947 as a builder of wooden boats. Brothers Bill and Dick Kenner were the founders. They made some fiberglass runabouts in the late 1950s and early 1960s. In the early 1960s they started making fiberglass sailboats which quickly became their mainstay. Houseboats were added to the line.

In 1967 the Kenner's sold the firm to A.J. Industries, Inc. of Los Angeles, CA. In October 1971 A.J. announced they were closing the Kenner Boat operation at Knoxville due to poor earnings records since they took over in 1967. 35 people lost their job. In 1969 Kenner had 125 workers on the payroll.

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