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The Outboard Boating Club of America (OBC) was the public service branch of the non-profit industry trade association including the Outboard Motor Manufacturers Association, Outboard Boat Manufacturers Association, and Boat Trailer Manufacturers Association. The OBC included many affiliate clubs of outboard boaters in many locales and provided a number of publications, guides, and other materials for boat owners as well as lobbying influence in order to promote outboard boating.

Among its efforts, the OBC published the 1959 OBC Standards Manual which specified boat, motor, rigging, and trailer standards for members of the trade organization in order to promote safety, compatibility, and reliability of its members' products.

Other publications included the booklet below as well as "America's Growing Need: Outboard Marinas", "Boaters' Day in Court: a Collection of Judicial Decisions", and "Handbook of Boating Laws: State Motorboat Laws" with editions for the "North Central States", "Northeastern States", "Southern States", "Western States".

The Outboard Boating Club of America and the other associations eventually were organized under the Boating Industry Association which later became the National Marine Manufacturers Assocation (NMMA).

Small Boat Handling Booklet

Recruitment Packet

By 1960, the following companies were OBC members who offered boats:

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