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Amphibious Boats, Inc.

Dallas, Texas

Maker of Amphibian and Falcon Boats.

In 1961, Continental Boat Corp.'s president, William H. Naigles, bought 51% of outstanding stock of Amphibious Boats, Inc. of Denton, Texas (Jan. 29, 1961 New York Times).

US Attorney Edward V. Hanrahan brought charges against a number of people for making false statements about working capital, patents, order volume, and stock value of Amphibious Boats, Inc. in a conspiracy to artificially raise the stock price as well as selling stock through the mail without registering with the SEC. People indicted by the federal grand jury included stock brokerage firms Leason & Co. and William B. Robinson & Co., individuals including Harvey G. Leason, Hayden Leason, Bala Williams Jr., R. L. McLeod, E. Richard Verrill, and William B. Robinson (Oct. 4, 1964 Chicago Tribune).

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