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8248 S. Racine Ave.

Chicago, Illinois

In a communication from a former employee of the company, they stated that they worked for the company in 1960. The company started in the mid-50's and its office was located on S. Racine in Chicago and then moved to S. Western Ave in 1960.

The boats were fabricated in Mishiwaka, IN. In 1960 they showed them at the Boat Show in McCormick Place and they did lot's of advertising for dealers nationwide. Her father owned 10% of the company for a few years.

The president of the company was Harry Sopp, then in 1960, changed to John L. Lynch. At one point in 1960, she had 14 Volksboats stored in their garage because we couldn't sell them.

She's pretty sure she could sell all of them now with all the interst shown on the web!

Thanks Mrs. Mary Rita Chapman

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