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The following manufacturers offered deck hardware such as cleats, chocks, lifting eyes, bow handles and eyes, stern handles, ski tow rings/hooks, and other items. Often these were chrome-plated or highly polished. Materials included stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, or zinc-alloy (cheapest and most common). Restoration of pitted and/or flaking chrome-plated hardware is one of the larger costs of restoring a vintage boat. Items were commonly sold as complete sets for outfitting a new boat or as individual pieces. The lucky restorer can find these new old-stock (NOS) and save considerably on time and experience.

Oftentimes makers of deck hardware tried to distinguish their product by commissioning industrial designers. Unique styles were applied to their complete range of hardware, often including bow and stern lights. Noted designer Brooks Stevens did this for Vollrath; Raymond Loewy for Seaprufe.

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