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Nautalloy Products, Inc.

Auburn, New York

Noted in a 1959 ad as manufacturers of "AquaBird Styling" steering wheels, "Chromalloy" and "Nautalloy" fittings, "Nautaform" wrap-around windshields, "Nautaform Styletops" canvas boat tops, and "Ship to Shore" nautical jewelry.

This company formerly operated as Aluminum Marine Hardware, Inc. in Auburn, NY.

Nautalloy Products petitioned the US Patent and Trademark Office to cancel the Danielson Manufacturing Company registered Aqualoy trademark brand of nylon marine deck hardware, No. 667,287 filed September 23, 1958. Nautalloy claimed the "Aqualoy" brand name was too similar to their "Nautalloy" and "Aquabird" brands and confusion may result in the commercial marketplace. On June 23, 1961, the matter was decided in favor of Nautalloy Products. The Danielson Mfg. Co. had used the "Aqualoy" name in advertising since September 1957. Nautalloy had previously registered their "Nautalloy", "Aquabird", and "Chromalloy" brands, receiving rights on June 7, 1955 (606,902), March 18, 1958 (659,509), and July 1, 1958 (663,932) respectively.

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