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Jervis Marine Hardware

Marine Products Division

Jervis Corporation

Middleville, Michigan

Location is also found noted as Grandville, Michigan.

Before entering the marine hardware industry, Jervis designed and produced a range of chrome-plated automotive hardware and latch hardware for refrigerators and home appliances and was previously known as the Winters S. Crampton Corporation. The corporation was based in Long Island, New York but had operations in Bolivar, Tennessee and Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Bolivar operation produced automobile side rearview mirrors whereas the Airparts Division in Grandville produced some components for jet engines. The company's name was eventually owned by Harman International Industries and the Grand Rapids operation sold off. (See the 2002 autobiography of Sidney Harman, "Mind Your Own Business").

For the marine market, Jervis produced a distinctive line of deck hardware including bow handles, cleats, chocks, bow-eyes, and transom handles. These were available in kit form for manufacturers, dealers, home-builders, and purchasers of unequipped boats.

By 1961, the Jervis name appeared as part of the entity Allan-Jervis Marine of Hicksville, Long Island NY. This may have resulted from a merger with Allan Manufacturing Co. of 400 Duffy Ave., Hicksville, NY. This firm has been found listed as early as 1956 to be a manufacturer of marine hardware. By 1967, Allan Marine, Inc. of Hicksville, New York appears as a subsidiary of Jervis Corporation. Finally in 1969, Allan Manufacturing is found located in Deer Park, New York. More information is needed to clarify the history of these companies.

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