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The following brands of boats include commercial models with hulls composed of molded plywood.

If you know of a brand of boat with models made with molded plywood hulls but not listed here, please contact us so that we may update this page.

In the 1950's, molded plywood hulls were available wholesale from large-scale manufacturers such as the Industrial Shipping Co. of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. This company supplied hulls to Yellow Jacket and many other companies. An entrepreneur or home-builder could order a molded hull, add a deck, fittings, and then have a completed boat for use or resale.

Other manufacturers of molded plywood hulls include Molded Products, Inc. of Cockeysville, Maryland and US Molded Shapes, Inc. of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Many other companies sold molded plywood boats but sourced their hulls from one of these large manufacturers. Plywood hulls offered the advantage of a seamless hull with no joints between strips, planks, or plywood sheets that needed occasional re-caulking or other re-sealing.

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