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Admiral Boats

United States Outboard, Inc.

Subdivision of Magnaflux Corp.

159 Morgan St.

Rockford, Illinois

The location of this manufacturer has also been found to be listed as Warsaw, Indiana. This company filed a trademark for "Admiral Boats" on Dec. 12, 1955. In their trademark application, the company listed Sept. 28, 1955 as the first use of this mark in commerce. Carl E. Betz is listed as head of the company. In 1956, the company then located in Warsaw, and was bought by Twin Coach Co., Lou Fageol's company and the maker of Fageol marine motors. Luther Corp., a trailer manufacturer also located in Warsaw, was bought at the same time. Eventually the United States Outboard was renamed and organized under Luther Corp. as North American Marine Inc.. Prior to acquisition, Admiral Boats included molded plywood and sheet plywood hulls including 15'10" Stylemaster walk-through molded plywood model and a 22' cabin cruiser.

There was also another brand of Admiral fiberglass boats, likely unrelated, that was manufactured in Tampa, Florida.

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