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Wizard Boats and Outboards

Western Auto Supply Company

2107 Grand Avenue

Kansas City, Missouri

Western Auto stores sold a line of Wizard Boats to complement their line of Wizard outboard motors. The Wizard boats and motors were actually manufactured by other companies and marketed by Western Auto. Mercury, Oliver, Scott Atwater each supplied outboard motors to Western Auto at one point or another. The manufacturer who supplied Wizard boats was Red Fish (Barron's National Business and Financial Weekly, May 22, 1961). Another supplier of boats may have been the predecessor of Arrow Glass Boats.

Wizard by Western Auto may be confused with Wizard Boats, Inc., a long-time boat manufacturer in California. After legal action with Wizard Boats Inc., Western Auto was prohibited from using the name "Wizard" on boats.

No original literature has yet been uncovered describing Western Auto's Wizard Boats, however one example has been uncovered. This boat was found equipped with Wizard outboard motor controls.

Wizard Outboards Model & Service Information

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