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Oliver Outboard Motors

Division of The Oliver Corporation

136 S. McCamly Rd.

Battle Creek, Michigan

The Oliver Corporation entered the outboard motor market upon acquiring the equipment, tooling, and production rights of Chris Craft Outboard Motors. The first Oliver models where produced in 1955. The Oliver motors were also sold in 1958 through Western Auto Stores as Wizard Outboard Motors. In that year, Oliver offered a 6 HP, two 16 HPs, and one 35 HP model. The 35 HP Olympus model with electric start was introduced in 1957 and continued as the flagship model, even being offered in 1959 as a factory twin outboard setup with counter-rotating propellers. Production moved from the US to England in 1960, finally ending in 1961.

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The Oliver Outboard Motor Cyberspace Museum

From the 1958 January issue of Field & Stream:

New colors to set off any boat and a complete restyling of the 6 hp model mark the 1958 Oliver outboard motor line.

The 6 hp utilizes a sheer-line design for a new look. The top of the motor is thrust forward, the lower portion juts to the rear. All models have the new color combination of beach white and marlin gray, and on the 35 hp hood sunset red, Riviera blue and Tahiti yellow are optionally available to replace the beach white. The complete Oliver line for the new season continues to feature three models—6, 16 and 35 hp. The 35 not only has electric starting, but an exclusive magneto-alternator system which provides both AC and DC for all engine requirements, and acts as a generator to provide energy for lights, horns and other electrical accessories. The 16 is available with electric starting, too.

This year, all Oliver models will have optional long lower units, for sea boats with higher transoms. Standard on the larger hp models, and offered at extra cost for the 6, is the Mix-Matic. This fuel tank automatically proportions oil to gas in the correct ratio with any fuel put in, no matter how much or little there is already in the tank. The fuel tank has always interested me, and I have long taken the stand that for sportsmen the chief cause of subpar motor operation and excessive motor wear is the occasional or repeated use of poor fuel mixtures.

A feature of the 6 and 35 is from-the-boat knob adjustment of motor tilt. Modification of this motor angle can be made at any time. The Oliver Corp. is in Battle Creek, Michigan.

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