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Sea Power Outdrive Units

Southwestern Division

Western Gear Corporation

117 N. Palmer St.

Houston, Texas

The Sea Power Outdrive was unique in that it used a tractor-style lower unit in that the propeller was mounted in the front of the outdrive. The unit also featured full-bevel gearing which allows for swiveling the unit completely around with the steering. The Brennan Imp was another outdrive capable of full rotation. These unit and others are detailed in the September 1961 Popular Mechanics.

It was first available in 1958, capable of 150 HP (The Rudder, 1958, Volume 74, Page 57). A 1959 article lists Sweinhart Electric Co., 2900 E. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, California as the contact.

This unit was continually under development and redesigned for 1961 (Yachting, 1961, Vol. 109, Page 181).

Western Gear's dealer organization sold the SeaPower unit and it was also available through the Gray Marine Motor Company and Universal Motors of Oshkosh. It was also sold packaged with a Dearborn engine (The Skipper, 1961, Vol. 21, Page 2).

In 1962, the unit was listed as taking engines up to 170 HP and weighing only 87 lbs for the unit alone. Northwest Engine and Marine Co. of Portland Oregon was given as distributor (Popular Science, Jun. 1962., Page 108).

1959 Information

Sea Power Units in Use

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