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Gator Boat Trailers

Peterson Bros., Inc.

Jacksonville, Florida & Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Gator Trailers were manufactured in Canada by Beatty Bros, Ltd., of Fergus, Ontario. They were also manufactured for the European market by Boat-Motor-Trailer (B-M-T) A/S of Copenhagen, Denmark.

In 1952, Peterson Bros. sold less than $500,000 of products; in 1958 sales totaled approximately $4,000,000 (Wall Street Journal, May 14, 1959). This company obviously found great success in manufacturing boat trailers in the 1950s.

Fred Coffee was appointed regional sales representative at the Ft. Wayne, Indiana location around January 1958. The plant was recently completed about this time as Peterson Bros expanded into new markets (January 1958 Boats magazine).

The brochure believed to date from 1962 credits the assistance of Jetstream, Fabuglas, Carter Craft, and Hydrodyne Boats in supplying boats for the brochure photos.

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Gator Trailers in Use

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