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To our knowledge, Ab Crosby was the main force behind two boat companies; Crosby Aeromarine Co. and Hydrodyne. We are focusing on the later business, the Hydrodyne company in this area of FiberGlassics. We know the 1958 and later Crosby's were sold with serial plates indicating that:

1.) The line of boats were called the "Hoosier Line" of fiber glass boats.
2.) Ab Crosby's business was called Crosby Aeromarine Company.
3.) The Crosby Aeromarine Company was a division of Midwestern Industries inc. in Grabill, Indiana.

From Ab Crosby's son I've learned that Ab sold the Crosby business in the fall of 1958 to the Arthur Daniels Midland company. Ab became a vice president with this sales deal. Interestingly, Ab learned that ADM had decided to remove a layer of glass from each Crosby sold which would save $23 in production costs and help the bottom line. Not liking the idea, Ab went to the production manager, and lets just say they had a little disagreement, and Ab slugged him. Ab took a 6 month paid vacation, came back to work for 1 day and took another 6 month paid vacation. It was during this latter half of 1959 that Ab designed the 1960 Hydrodyne boat line. Upon his return to ADM, he arranged for his contract to be bought out, and Hydrodyne was born.

There are several fascinating history facts associated with Hydrodyne boats that Ab Crosby's son (Ab Crosby) has confirmed. I'll just keep adding them as Ab and I continue to talk.

1.) 5 of the 7 original astronauts owned Hydrodyne boats.
2.) A large photo of a Hydrodyne hung at NASA headquarters for years.
3.) Jacqueline Kennedy took delivery of a 1963 Hydrodyne the day that President Kennedy was shot and killed. To our knowledge that boat is still somewhere on the Maryland shore.

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