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The Electric Autolite Company

The Electric Autolite Company was a manufacturer of wide variety of automotive electric components. In 1961, the Ford Motor Company took over the Autolite name as well as spark plug and battery factories. Starter, generator, regulator, and ignition systems continued to be produced by the Prestolite Motor and Ignition Company (Prestolite Electric) but without the Autolite name.

Partial List of Autolite Units and Equivalents:

Starting Motors MDH-4001M Evinrude, Johnson (OMC # 277432)
MDH-4002M Fageol, Twin Coach
MDO-4001M Evinrude, Johnson (OMC # 376849)
MDO-4002M Evinrude, Johnson (OMC # 376850)
MDO-4003M (OMC #377248)
MDW-4001M Evinrude, Johnson (OMC # 278024)
MDW-4002M Evinrude, Johnson (OMC # 278023)
MDW-4003M Evinrude, Johnson
MDW-4101M Evinrude, Johnson
MDW-4102M Evinrude, Johnson (OMC # 278023)
MDW-4103M Evinrude, Johnson (OMC # 278207, 278237, 278245)
MDW-4104M Evinrude, Johnson (OMC # 278232)

Generators GJG-4001M Brooklure, Buccaneer, Evinrude, Johnson, Sea Bee, Sea King (OMC # 377005)
GJG-4001MP Wisconsin Motors
GJG-4002M Evinrude, Johnson (OMC # 377315)
GJG-4003M Buccaneer, Evinrude, Johnson, Sea Bee, Sea King (OMC # 378160)
GJG-4004M Buccaneer, Evinrude, Johnson (OMC # 378048)

Parts Diagrams and Cross Reference

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