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TOPIC: 1959 MFG ?

1959 MFG ? 1 year 10 months ago #137448

I am such a sucker for old boats !
I bought a 16 ft? MFG and what looks like a TeeNee trailer for 100 bucks. I thought, not a bad deal ?
The trailer hitch is a 1-7/8 ball... no biggie, I have the ball.... problem 1.... the hitch doesn't lock..... problem 2... wheels are shot.
No Biggie.... 20 minute drive return trip to TSC, (2) new wheels for 102 bucks. I'm good to go. I get back to the boat, change wheels,
put on a registered license plate from one of my other trailers so LEO doesn't hastle me, lash down the trailer hitch to the ball on the truck so it won't jump off the ball, go to hook up light connector.... it's a foot short ! Good thing it's daylight !!!!!
I head home...30 mile run, I get within 1/2 mile from home. There is a road closure, due to a new sub-division for road widening.
as I come up to construction, there is a big bump.I'm going 25 mph, I guess I didn't go slow enough. I see the trailer jump a couple times,(trailer needs new shocks), then I hear scraping. I thought crap the trailer hitch jumped the ball ? I stop go look. NOOOOOO... the trailer is still hooked to the ball, but I see, at the perch, for the winch, THE TRAILER BROKE IN HALF !!! So I run home, get a 2x4 a bunch of rope, jack up the trailer, lash the 2x4 at the break, and finish my trip home. Boating is so exciting both on and off the water !!!!

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1959 MFG ? 1 year 10 months ago #137449

I remember seeing that boat on craigslist.

Wow, that's the first I've heard of a trailer breaking like that on the way home, but anything's possible.

Glad you finally got it home.

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Dave Nau - 1966 MFG Niagara with 1963 Mercury 350 (35hp) outboard and 1966 Tee Nee trailer. Second boat is a 1962 MFG Edinboro with a 1984 Evinrude 70hp and Holsclaw trailer.

1959 MFG ? 1 year 10 months ago #137490

funny you should say that, my set up was sitting for twenty years from upstate new york . wheels were rusted off the hubs, i have a tandem trailer it is a tilt up model i noticed when i was surveying it the joint of the tilt, was rusted. where the trailer had been sitting down in the front. i put my finger through the tube in front of the joint. i only had a couple of blocks i staggered the wheels flashers and got it home. first thing was to replace the trailer rust.

quick thinking. true boater.


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