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TOPIC: Mark 55e

Mark 55e 2 years 3 months ago #128168

Pondrocket44's 55a sounds GREAT! Good job! There is nothing quite like the raspy purr of the old 40 & 44 ci Mercs.

I have attached a couple pictures of an early 55e that I rebuilt & restored back in 2010.
The owner wanted it to remain a manual start, as it was original.
This year he returned with a few more health issues, and requested I convert the beast to electric start.
Finding the correct early electric start parts resulted into a difficult request to fill, but I found everything I needed in a "sight unseen" purchase off craigslist this year of an early 55e.
To avoid repainting, I had my machinist match the position of the electrical plug-in on the recent purchase, and drill it and the related little screw holes into the restored engine pan.
It turned out Perfecto-Mundo.
I ended up having to replace the rewind housing with the larger area to clear the starter Bendix, so consequently it had to be repainted. RATS!
I haven't put the decals on yet, but the color matches real well.
Since the driveshaft housing & lower unit had a few paint chips here and there, I sent them off to my painter for a redo.
Those parts are not back yet, and I will share pictures when the final assembly had been completed.
Doc F

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Re:Mark 55e 2 years 3 months ago #128169

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Thats as sexy block Doc!

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Re:Mark 55e 2 years 3 months ago #128170

Thanks Robby!

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Re:Mark 55e 2 years 3 months ago #128171

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It's a thing of be-yoo-tee!!

Another Work of Art from Frankenmerc Skunk Workz!! :kiss:

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Re:Mark 55e 2 years 3 months ago #128175


Well done. I like the gold paint! Will you elaborate more on the parts used to make it electric start?


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www.liquidassetsonline.org , 63\'PowerCat14-C w/twin64\'650\'s,14\'Glen-L Zip w/Mark58E,58\'TeeNee,
Mark55AE,Mark55E,PairMark58E\\\'s,Mark58AE,Mark78AEL, 6-7RBM\'s.Keep EM\' Alive! Always looking to add to collection.

Re:Mark 55e 2 years 3 months ago #128181

"Will you elaborate more on the parts used to make it electric start?"

It called for a small taper electric start flywheel - which was limited to the early Mark 30 & Mark 55, (possibly to include a Mark 50???), an electric start top end-cap (since the original top end-cap was shorter with no ability to mount a stator) - an 8 pole stator, and I replaced the original 4 plate rectifier with a common '70s solid state rectifier, a somewhat rare starter that required no holes cast into the crankcase cover,...Which I have uncovered evidence that suggests a common '56-'60 4 cylinder starter can easily be adapted to armed with the unique cast aluminum part above the circle of the early crankcase cover,... A lower engine pan that was machined to use the very early military style threaded connector to the external harness. (I can cough up the specific name of the connector if requested), and the somewhat unique electric choke parts - which included:
The electric choke solenoid & related linkage, an electric choke vertical rod between the (2) choke butterflies, unique cast aluminum choke link on the top carburetor to accommodate the link to the electric choke solenoid (I couldn't believe there was a difference between manual and electric - but yes - there was), a unique aluminum 'manual choke lift knob - that is milled down in the mid-range of motion to allow free vertical motion when activated electrically, and a unique bracket to hold the engine starter solenoid above the fuel connector (yes,...I installed a later model solenoid)
If I forgot something, please point it out - I'm pooped and may have forgotten something.
Keeping Mercs alive since 1955

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Re:Mark 55e 2 years 3 months ago #128190

Beautiful job Doc! I really enjoy the explanations regarding the modifications - lots of knowledge and experience there!

Great to see the inside of the "lab", too : :woohoo: :woohoo: :laugh:

Waiting for the rain to subside, want to get another run out on the lake soon.



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