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TOPIC: Need help with 1962 windshield removal / work

Need help with 1962 windshield removal / work 1 year 2 months ago #133521


I want to remove the windshield of my 1962 renken, made by water bonnet.

Does anyone have a source for the fasteners in the pictures? Opinions - should I try to save them? they are pretty rusty, there is not much left of the nut(maybe) on the bottom of the fastener.... At least the top has stainless nut and bolt!!

The crack on the STBD side, actually that corner is completely broken free from the rest of the windshield. Experiences with this? Its right on the fastener hole... Should I try to repair with some sort of plastic glue? What exact type of plastic were these windshields made of? Again... 1962 water bonnet...

Stress cracks dont look to be deep at all on the inside... cannot even see most of them from the front. I was told they could be wet sanded out? Experiences? The windshield if very clean with a little polish so I want to save.
Sorry for the bad pic quality... a 9mb pic doesnt like to go to 1mb...

Reinstalling - can I buy a new strip to go along the bottom of the windshield and should I be mindful of anything? will I have to bend this back after it comes off?

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Need help with 1962 windshield removal / work 1 year 2 months ago #133522

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I've found the best way to remove these rusty bolts is to lay on your back under the bow and use a grinder to take the nut down to zero. A 4" grinder with a cutoff blade works best but you can use a grinding wheel on a power drill. DO NOT try to remove them with any force. That windshield is $$$$ to replace. The rubber strip underneath is replaceable but I've also found that if you soak them in warm soapy water with bleach they come out pretty good.
To fix up that broken piece you can use either a clear epoxy glue or some of that clear glue that activates with a UV flashlight (internet ebay). I would not attempt to clean or polish the windshield when it is off the boat because of the stress. Those things are brittle. You can buff out many scratches with McQuires polishing compound or there is a three part system I think is called Nexus that works well.
The picture of this windshield was almost pure cloudy and full of scratches, Just take your time.

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Need help with 1962 windshield removal / work 1 year 2 months ago #133539

My vintage Crestliner windshield was cracked at one of the mounting bolts along the bottom. I was able to lower the windshield by 1 1/2". Not sure if that would be an option with where your crack is...

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