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TOPIC: Temperature gauges.

Temperature gauges. 2 months 1 week ago #142227

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I have a 1991 Evinrude 48 Special. I'm wanting to add a temperature gauge. From the motor, the wire to the over heat buzzer is tan. There is a tan pigtail (unused) that has electrical conductivity to the control box. The question is, is the extra tan pigtail, the lead for the gauge? And.... do I need to disconnect the over heat buzzer, or can I just add the sender in the cylinder head, connected to to the pigtail, and add the gauge, tapped into the the buzzer.


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Temperature gauges. 2 months 1 week ago #142238

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I never found those high temp warnings to be very useful. Never go off until it's too late.
I'm thinking the same thing you are about a temp gauge. Looking at eBay there are a few options, mostly water temp gauges but I think they could also be used for head/block temp. Check this out. Cheap enough if it doesn't work. copy and paste, remove the spaces.
https: //www. ebay.com/itm/DC-9-36V-Digital-Water-Temperature-Gauge-Kit-Sensor-Plug-For-Auto-Car-Engine/312555483834?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item48c5c232ba:g:JusAAOSwF1hcovTu&enc=AQAEAAACgIQvEcHUrT7nmUC3yY5qbPyaBN1nJEDYW8MyypsJPgXK9t7xxMj3q%2B%2B%2Bz%2BPuf4iZrQqa5nNnNMZhdECcO7j2c%2FfA7M0CMP32plX2oYEhApMl%2Fta4F68qjzj09cOOTgKdQISVX%2F%2FG8w4x0L8jGpbFAY7y%2FyKmaGxYuTk%2BTxJ3JkOXgnWc5FfjJwENra4k0G4j0f6DvuFBE9otp4GKL%2FEdepnCPwa7M8Im%2FgozrwMMw%2F0qcsV8IRP7CKVgzf%2Fe14gxY%2BQxjvm%2F1dF3tNi0fv%2FoBtc3IukUFF7XZACJWGKwOL9ty2xH277ZBnmhg6p8s%2BvDzw3%2FCRoXbFga75jG2K%2BQwcOJUTm0OS69OIOos2%2F1J2DJGS2onYHEFkx3wC0c7wHc0KaTqa439IuL8cwKhDbMci8IAB5oMyAeZ6hjLIAEqoqfaQuIA%2FdZaDkBvUeMH5bFKbIutv9H%2FBrewZqE%2FLveekpbPZtVeMZqGDU8fXO3KFImHuPBnIMrsRYCnznFbEcBCsqI23ckNWFTkuJoNBzN44vw6SVMU7DWot%2Fsy9CSw5iLNYBRMpAMzReD8kHm1n%2FGG0Wku26joT6NK%2B5KQ4vA4ZR7Ya600Y%2BUsVOJ%2BD7NWD2ZtZc%2BGHEzDR2%2FmfVK17J%2BrwGfJecWbTCO5qcZqjMSLYOQ4yl%2B%2FcLMt48379P7zAaW%2Fa8fCkCc4oZJmNiop4cXQig4Q%2Bfq34S5svJnx8Vqn7vHpSAmzkg6d%2BlIfKKxnw5eJAE5BmuQr3cAGmDYBQm5PSUVKs321HLmvyS5NNIqtqCopfw6iF30QDBT06OM58zNU0%2F61S1SdQTJ3FeosnMzGrSp%2BKmGdiTt0JyGCmITH6U%3D&checksum=312555483834148396bcdb6345b2a75e74c7a68e4bdf
Are you sure the wire coming from your control is for temp. Check a schematic, it just might be for a tach.

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Temperature gauges. 2 months 1 week ago #142240

I have an assortment of temperature gauges for sale at a price that can't eb beat. some are manual gauges with a 12' leaderwire.
some need a sending unit...others do not.

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