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TOPIC: Alternator output, Mid '70's OMC Triples ...

Alternator output, Mid '70's OMC Triples ... 1 year 9 months ago #127145

Used search, did not get anything relevant.

So I have a couple of mid-1970's OMC triples. One an Evinrude 70HP, one a Johnson 60HP. The 60HP came off a lower with an Electric Shift. I got that power-head without the lower so no model/serial info ...

1.) I see in various parts lists that the alternator is either 6 amp, or 9 amp ... Was the Electric shift higher output?

2.) Are there higher output alternators that will fit?

3.) Are there usable upgrades to the charging circuits in general?

4.) If you've made these upgrades, are you happy with the result? Would you change anything?

5.) Is there a difference in the alternator between say a 70HP triple and a 115HP V-4 ...

Any help much appreciated :)

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Re:Alternator output, Mid '70's OMC Triples ... 1 year 9 months ago #127162

Most likely 6 amp alternator. Unless you are running a bunch of accessories or a big stereo, it should be fine. I have never run mine out of power, and it is a 73 65HP with 6 amp output.

If there is a higher output stator assy, it won't be cheap.

Electric shift had same alternator as the non-electric.

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Re:Alternator output, Mid '70's OMC Triples ... 1 year 9 months ago #127208

So there is this article that talks about a true regulator ...


But, as I understand it, the fact that the OMC has permanent magnets precludes regulation. There is no way to vary the exciter current ...

So this system either shunt excess voltage/current to ground (?), or it's a bogus claim ...

Since I don't see any big heat sink, I'm really wondering about the viability of this sort of "upgrade" ...

Then there are the folks touting a 9~12 amp stator as a replacement for the OMC 6 amp unit. It's spendy upgrade, but I can't see it acting any different than the OEM unit, but with even more to dissipate ...

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