Take a “buddy” with you
Go to launch area, but away from the ramp
Attach mooring lines and lead them to the side of the boat where dock will be once boat is launched.
Attach fenders to same side of boat where dock will be
Check to be sure you have all safety equipment (maybe before you leave home)
Life jackets for each person – include potential passengers
Anchor and anchor line
Paddle and throw cushion
Fire extinguisher and distress flag
Whistle/horn and first aid kit
Check to be sure that fresh water sea cock is open
If boat has battery switch, be sure it is turned on
Check engine oil level
Check fuel level
Remove all tie down straps except one on the bow eye
Proceed to launch ramp, back up to just short of the water
Remove line from trailer to bow eye
Have “buddy” pick up dock lines and walk on dock as you back up trailer
Back up trailer so that boat/trailer are parallel to dock about one yard away from dock
As boat floats off of trailer, “buddy” pulls it back and free of trailer, then brings it in to dock
Pull tow vehicle and trailer slowly out of water and to proper parking spot
Join “buddy” at the dock and snugly tie boat to dock preventing it from moving forward
If equipped, turn on bilge blower
If no bilge blower, lift engine box/hatch to smell for gas fumes
If no gas fumes, put gear shift in neutral
If boat is equipped with manual choke, pull it out completely
Crack open the throttle about ¼”
Press starter, as soon as engine starts, depress choke
Go to back of boat to observe that there is water being expelled from exhaust pipe. Do not proceed if there is no discharge
Back in driver seat; observe that you have oil pressure. Do not proceed if you do not have oil pressure
If boat is creeping forward on the mooring line, touch the shifter with a little reverse
Have your “buddy” release lines and place in the boat. He/she should board boat as you back out
“Buddy” should secure lines so they are accessible, but won’t accidentally go into the water
As you clear the dock, have “Buddy” remove the fenders, then sit down
Most straight inboards back to the left. Use this trait to help you turn – back to the left and forward to the right
As you move out of the “no wake” zone, begin to apply throttle, slowly increasing rpm to 2-2.5K
Observe oil pressure, amp, and temp gauges
Lift floor board or engine hatch to see if you are taking on water
Have FUN and be SAFE

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