As summer arrives, the endless antics of the launch ramps across this great country provide the best entertainment a guy could ever want. I for one would pay to see some of this stuff, but due to my inability to be in all places at once I will use the word off the street to bring it to you. Now with that said, let me provide my one and only disclaimer. All stories come from the public domain and are to the best of my knowledge not copyrighted. Should anyone claim a story as their own, I will promptly remove it from the site (after we all get a good laugh). I will do my best to screen it before I write it.

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The search for a Meteor by Kevin Mueller.

The Carp DeVille

A visit to the Lunatic's FRIDGE

Tales are told, of characters met while collecting. Some speak past a single tooth, clutching a snarling junk yard dog, slurring each word with great concentration, standing as though distracted, angry, a pool of crimson flowing from the darkest corner of the garage, crimson dripping from the end of the wrench clenched tightly within a trembling fist, crimson, smeared upon tattered clothes, soaked into unkempt hair, dripping, dripping, "That is just transmission fluid isn't it!?!"

Yet no tale could be so chilling as the tale of Blackbeer, Bill Blackbeer the third! (alright, so the names have been changed, but I swear that's close!)

I once saw an ad. for a Lone Star Meteor in a copy of Hemmings Motor news. I was proudly displaying my newly restored Glastron at a car show, when a guy named Lenny came up to me and said "How would you like to buy a boat with tailfins and a pair of headlights that make it look like a big ol frog?" You have a Lone Star Meteor, I asked, recalling the photo in the ad.

I passed on it of course, having been much smarter at the time!

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Somewhere along the creative canal in boating evolution, someone was bound to come up with an idea that just breaks all the rules... and begs the question: What the float?

Now, we've seen some motors pushed forward as seen by the folks at Hupp engineering and many others in that elusive attempt at faster planing... but this has to take the cake.

Now, let's think about this for a moment. What's the plan here? Put the motor up front, Check. Go fast, Check. Turn, Check... Get thrown out of the boat while the craft makes a nice side-step towards better waters?

Um... Yea.

We catch up to our hero JACK here in kat-fishun country where he's testing out his new idea in boating, the Katfish Kecher 2000! For this historic moment, Jack has chosen the largest outboard (or is that inboard) of the day, the Dockbuster. "Yep, She's more than 200lbs, 6 cylinders, 3 carbs... 70 horsepowers of rip-snortin' 2 stroke tower o' power! Heck yea, she weighs more than the boats does... Ewwwweeee!" Jack said.

Eye witnesses claimed that there were passengers in the craft but all fell overboard. Only Billy Sue made it to shore to tell the tale. She said they gots dizzy when Jack gave 'er some gas. (probably something to do with exhaust inhalation... who knew?)

Local bait...  Um, shop owner, Bessy Ann Cooter, said she thourght that Jack tried to turn around and help them but when he did, catastrophe struck.

The next day, a local paper reported a ghost boat traveling at a high speed. Evidently, it cut through a fish hatchery and did a number on many catfish.

The boat was last seen heading deep into the swamp at high speed and Jack was reportedly eaten by Chompy... the local swamp thing.

Until next time, this is back road reporter Kal saying "watch out for the floaters."

We define FiberGlassic as  a Classic Fiberglass Boat designed and built from  the  50s and 60s  Our goal is to promote the restoration and enjoyment of these unique craft.


Here you can…

·        Find information about a specific boat

·        Learn the history of the use of  fiberglass in boat construction

·        Discover fascinating stories about the manufacturing pioneers who made them.

·        Learn the methods and techniques used to restore a fiberglass boat

·        Meet a terrific group of people who share your interest and enthusiasm

·        Share the knowledge and skills that you bring to the table



The last point is perhaps the most important. This hobby, and this site, can only grow and thrive if everybody contributes.

It might be a brochure or manual, a story about a boat from your past, a new source of parts or supplies, a skill or technique brought from another endeavor…the point is, just because a person hasn’t been restoring fiberglass boats for the last 20 years doesn’t mean they don’t have a valuable contribution to make!


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