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Tee Nee Trailer Company

215 E. Indianola Ave.

Youngstown, Ohio

Operating in Canada as Canasco Products Ltd., 1 Parnell Ave. Toronto.

According to a May 14, 1959 article in the Wall Street Journal, Robert Crossman was a vice president of the Tee Nee Trailer Company. In 1958 the business sold 168,000 trailers, compared to 5,200 "a decade ago".

In 1959, Tee Nee introduced the "Flightlight Fin" Fender, a fabulous trailer fender. This fender had a small tailfin extending back from the crest of the fender's arch, housing the rear light. Only Gator offered a comparable highly-styled fender. This was the 20th anniversary year for TeeNee Trailers, putting their start about 1939.

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