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Sangstercraft Boat Works, Ltd.

1779 West Georgia

Vancouver, B.C.

Cliff Sangster was a competitive swimmer (Canadian Amateur Swimming Association) and owner of the Sangstercraft Boat Works. He may have been in business as early as 1936 when a fire destroyed the R. Cliff Sangster Outboard Motorboats factory. In 1957, Sangstercraft Boat Works was located at 1779 West Georgia when a safe containing $410 was stolen and broken into. Northwest Plastics and Shipyards, Ltd., was located next door to Sangstercraft and also suffered from a fire in 1959 (Apr. 18, 1959 Leader-Post). Sangstercraft was also a parts distributor for Johnson Outboard Motors but sold this business in 1964 to Bob Phillips of Hoffars Limited. That year he moved Sangstercraft's manufacturing operations to Granville Island (Nov. 6, 1964 Vancouver Sun). Sangstercraft showed its boats at the 1960 Toronto Boat Show and found a market in eastern Canada, selling boats through a distributor, Windsor Outboard Motors of 307 Wyandotte E.

It is unclear at this time whether production occured in the east as well- a 1959 brochure lists Sangstercraft by Adanac Boat Works, a divison of Adanac Door Mfg. Co., Ltd. This company was listed at 377 Bering Ave., Toronto, Ontario. By 1960, a brochure lists Sangstercraft Eastern Limited at 2380 Highway No. 122, Clarkson, Ontario. Canada.

For a few years, at least 1956 to 1960, Sangstercraft boats were top prizes for the Vancouver Sun Free Salmon Derby.

1959 Information Thanks to Larry Bacon

1960 Information Thanks to Larry Bacon

1960's Brochure Thanks to Larry Bacon

Sangstercraft Boats in Use

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