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Renken Boat Company History

Renken was started when Ralph Renken bought Richard O. Halsey's Halsey Boat Company near Charleston, SC in 1958. He was joined by his brother, Carl, in the early 70’s.

The business grew until 1985, when the plant had to be rebuilt because of a disastrous fire. Ralph retired two years later. A second generation of sons and nephews eventually took over the operation of the business and ran it until 1995, when the Wachovia Bank foreclosed on it and sold its assets at auction to United Marine. The Renken name appeared some of their boats (which did not appear to share the original Renken hull design) the following year, but dropped out of sight shortly thereafter.

Brother, Fred and Ed Renken went on to start Sea Fox boats, which now occupies the same manufacturing facilities that once housed the Renken Boat Company.

Renken boats were known for being solid, no-frills performers. The design of the later 21- through 26-foot Seamaster hulls provided a very stable, seaworthy ride in all conditions. They were available in (Yamaha) outboard and (Mercruiser) stern drives.

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