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Halsey Boats

Halsey Boat Co.

James Island

Charleston, South Carolina

Also found listed as the Halsey Outboard Boat Co. This company was active at least as early as 1953 when a fire destroyed the company's factory on James Island. Richard O. Halsey was president of the company at this time (May 5, 1953 The News and Courier). By 1958, Halsey planned to produce a line of fiberglass boats after it acquired Fiberglass Forms, Inc. of the Stark Industrial Park, Charleston, South Carolina (Jul 26, 1958 The News and Courier). Fiberglass Forms was advertising 15' bare fiberglass hulls in January 1957 to be completed by the purchaser (January 7, 1957 The News and Courier). Also in 1958, Ralph Renken bought the Halsey Boat Co., which was soon to become Renken Boats.

Halsey Boats in Use

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