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Lyjohn Manufacturing Co.

Hood Avenue

E. Gadsden, Alabama

This company began building boats in 1957 under the ownership of Elmer Lyda and Jefferson D. Johns. The name of the concern, "Lyjohn", originated from the concatenation of their surnames. 16 people were employed in the 1957 season.

The company went so far as to apply for membership in the Outboard Boating Club of America.

New models for 1958 included the 16' Mariner, 14' Comet. A 14' Angler fishing boat model was carried over from the 1957 model year. Elmer Lyda designed the Mariner model. This model was equipped with headlights located on deck swells on the bow and taillights in the stern tail-fins. It was tested by the company with twin 35 HP motors as well as a single 60 HP model to evaluate the boat's possible horsepower capacity rating (December 8, 1957 Gadsden Times).

Sucajo El Dorado, a 14' runabout, was made by United Engineering Co. in Gadsden, Alabama in 1957. This company was owned by J. D. Johns. The relationship between the Sucajo El Dorado and the seemingly later Lyjohn Manufacturing boats is unclear.

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