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Harvey Boat Works, Inc.

Harvey Corporation

21480 Tualatin Valley Hwy

Aloha, Oregon

Some boats by this manufacturer very much resemble those made by Glass Magic.

In 1960, Harvey Boat Works, Inc. registered stock offerings with the Securities & Exchange Commission (Barron's Business and Financial Weekly, June 20, 1960). The article also reports Harvey's dealership network increased from 39 in 1959 to more than 60 dealers for 1960.

The company manufactured 11 to 17' fiberglass boats and planned to use the proceeds of the stock sale to reduce liabilities. 1958 sales amounted to $49,031, profit $8953; 1959 sales totaled $86,810 and profit $8623. In January 1960, Harvey expanded to produce circuit breaker housings and plates, fuse boxes and swimming pools (Investment Dealer Digest, Vol 29. Part 2, 1960).

In 1960, Harvey produced a profit of $10,323 on sales of $102,673 for the year ending Aug. 31. The company expanded further by acquiring three marinas and producing components for prefab homes. A subsidiary, Pacific Vacation Homes, Inc., built and sold summer cabins (May 22, 1961 Barron's Business and Financial Weekly).

This company's stock continued to be traded up through 1968.

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