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Cruis Along Boats, Inc.

Subsidiary of The Overlakes Corporation

Solomons, Maryland

Founded as a shipyard by M. M. Davis in 1875 and incorporated as M. M. Davis & Son, Inc. Bought by George H. Townsend in 1936 and began production of Cruis Along pleasure boats after WWII. With the retirement of Townsend, the company was bought out by the employees to form Cruis Along Boats, Inc. (Jan. 19, 1958 New York Times). At some point, the company became a subsidiary of The Overlakes Corporation which also owned the Century Boat Company (Jan. 17, 1960 New York Times). In 1959, Overlakes Corporation opened a storefront at 1860 Broadway, New York, New York (May 4, 1959 New York Times).

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