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Bayliner Boats

Puget Plastics, Inc.

Division of Advance Outboard Marine, Inc.

Route 5, Arlington Airport

Arlington, Washington

History According to Andreas Jordahl Rhude

Pipestone was out of business in 1972. The facility was taken over by Bayliner in 1973. Bayliner had their own line of boats and they did not take over the Pipestone product line or brand.

Bayliner Minnesota, Inc., a division of Advanced Outboard Marine moved into the facilty and started making Bayliner boats. The first Bayliner boats were shipped out of Pipestone, Minnesota in February 1973.

Bayliner at Pipestone suffered a major fire on 14 May 1985. They rebuilt. In 2008 Bayliner permanently closed their boat manufacturing operations at Pipestone.

Bayliner bought Chrysler's outboard motor division in 1984 and organized it under their U.S. Marine division with the motors now marketed as Force outboards. Brunswick Corporation, the large conglomerate of sporting good and outdoor manufacturing companies, bought Bayliner in 1986.

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