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Totem Craft

Marine Fiber-Glass & Plastics, Inc.

2901 Blakeley St.

Seattle, Washington

This company registered the Totem Craft Boats trademark in June 17, 1958. The trademark was filed August 19, 1957.

Chuck Forsman (Charles W. Forsman), was president of Marine Fiberglass & Plastics, Inc. and in 1961 was elected president of Northwest Marine Industries, Inc. (NMI) (May 1961, MotorBoating). In 1954, his company offered a plastic ventilation cowl for large ships. He was originally from Bremerton, having worked in the navy shipyard for seven years (Marine Digest, 1954). Ron Rawson, a research chemist formerly from Richhold Chemicals, Inc., was also affliated with the company; he went on to build large fiberglass gillnetter fishing boats.

Totem Craft Boats in Use

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