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Striker Boats, Inc.

1554 N. Federal Highway

Pompano Beach, Florida

Striker Boats, Inc. imported boats made in Holland (the Netherlands).

This company first started with Herbert R. Phillips who filed the "Striker Boats" trademark on Jan. 28, 1955. he did business as the "Sport Fishing Boats Company" and address was given as 39 Fairwater Ave., Massapequa, New York. Besides boats, the trademark covered the use of "Striker" for boat parts such as steering equipment, rudders, outriggers, fishing chairs, boat seats and cushions, propellers, masts, boat cradles and navy tops. The application listed first use of the "Striker" mark as Feb. 1, 1954; use in commerce as Jan. 25, 1955. In 1961, the mark was assigned to Striker Boats, Inc. of 1550 N. E. 23rd Ave. Pompano Beach, Florida. In 1969, the mark was assigned again to Striker Aluminum Yachts, Inc. All of the preceding information was derived from the US Patent & Trademark Office records.

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