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Steel Clipper Boats

Inland Seas Boat Co.

2035 First St.

Sandusky, Ohio

This company is still in business-

History by Tobias Sullivan

Archie Lang and partner Ray McCarty started Inland Seas Boat Co. in the 1940s. They were originally distributors for Steelcraft boats and decided to go into manufacturing when that company folded. Their boats were known as “Steel Clippers” and were renown for their sturdy construction. They produced boats from 18' to 46' but most of their production seems to have been utilities and cruisers in the 26-36' range. The company did a fair amount of commercial work as well for municipalities and police. Under the guidance of naval architect John B. Clark, the 1950s represented their stylistic apex. Clark later disassociated himself with the company, feeling they were too untrue to his designs. Lang was supposedly steadfast in remaining with steel even as fiberglass negated many of steel’s original advantages over wood as a material. Late in the game they produced a few examples in aluminum as well as a coated steel hull they marketed as "Glass Clippers". High interest rates and labor costs essentially shuttered the company in the 1970s. The factory site in Sandusky is now a marina. The nearby Maritime Museum of Sandusky is the depository of the company records.

In 1958, the Sandusky factory was operating, allowing Inland Seas to add new models beginning that year. Hulls were built in Cleveland and shipped to Sandusky for finishing. An article then states the company started 11 years ago (1947). The Sandusky Register featured a news article on the company, probably sometime in 1957 (see 1958 articles below).

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