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South Seas Boat Co.

Lake Helen, Florida

A 1959 article in the Waterways Journal, Volume 73, Issues 27-52, provided details on a special order Samoan and the particulars of the boat's design:

"Equipped with Mercury Engines- A product of the South Seas Boat Company, Inc. and known as the South Seas Samoan or fiberglass catamaran, the 17-footer is equipped with dual 70 hp Mercury engines. It runs 31.6 mph with one person and 29.6 mph with six. The boat that will be delivered to Capt. Ayers will have extra gas tanks, a directional finder, depth finder, an FM radio and other refinements. Its use by the Ayers Materials Company will be for shell exploration work, Capt. Ayers having long been considered an outstanding expert on exploratory soundings for shell beds and the locating of shell deposits. Designed by Bob Adams of Chuluta, Fla., the South Seas Samoan's twin hull design give positive directional stability. Steering is just as effortless and sure whether running diagonally across, parallel to or directly into the seas. The hull design eliminates skidding and cavitation and gives positive control at high speed. The air tunnel between the hulls serves as an effective shock absorber in rough or choppy seas. The seating area, allowing 18 inches per person, accommodates eight people."

1959 Stuff

Kiekhaefer Mercury published the following 1958 Boat House Bulletin test of a South Sea Islander by the South Sea Islander Boat Co. also of Lake Helen, Florida. This may be a related company or merely a mistake-a magazine advertisement has been found showing the same "South Sea Islander" by the South Seas Boat Company. See the following Boat House Bulletin for more information:

South Sea Islander Boat Co.

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