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Sea Hawk / Power Hawk Sterndrive

Harnischfeger Corp.

500 S. Main St.

Crystal Lake, Illinois

Variously found as the "Sea Hawk" or "Power Hawk", this was a Morse silent chain-drive lower unit outdrive made for pairing with an inboard motor installation. It also featured double universal joints. Shown in the September 1961 issue of Popular Mechanics, and June 1962 issue of Popular Science not much is known. Specifications in the Popular Science issue state the unit itself weighed 125 lbs.; when paired with a 135 HP V-4 engine, 1,060 lbs. It was rated for gas or diesel engines 90 to 135 HP. The unit would be swung completly (180 degrees) up, for trailering.

By 1965, mention is found of the Roylyn, Inc. "Sea Hawk". This very similar unit could be swiveled 360 degrees horizontally and used as tractor unit as well. The company was 620 Paula St., Glendale, California. The propeller supplied was variable pitch with interchangeable blades and could be used for tractor or regular operation.

Besides the Power Hawk/Sea Hawk, Harnischfeger Corp. also offered P & H Diesel Engines, as well as overhead cranes, truck cranes, electric buckets (excavators), other hoist equipment, and even pre-fabricated houses.

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